SpiceGirlsFanatic.org is coming back...
SpiceGirlsFanatic.org's been offline for 13 months and in that time I tried to find a life of my own. That proved unsuccessful. What life is worth living if it isn't saturated in Spice? None. I've decided to re-open the website, which I began in 2006, and keep it fresh. All new content is in the process of being created, so please hang on while I get everything perfected, coded, and uploaded. Follow us on Facebook for updates of all sorts and I'll see you back here soon.
Posted February 13, 2014 @ 4:25pm US EST
What we're listening to this week...
When you've got hundreds of songs to choose from, being a Spice Girls fan can be a little overwhelming when trying to pick a track to put on.
Each week*, we'll compile a list of seven songs to play each day of the week (on top of the 40 others you were going to play, anyway).

Sunday: Geri - Calling / Monday: Emma - So Long / Tuesday: Melanie C - Rock Me / Wednesday: Victoria - Unconditional Love /
Thursday: Spice Girls - Move Over / Friday: Mel B - I Believe / Saturday: Spice Girls - Bumper to Bumper
For the week beginning February 24, 2014
* Weekly playlists are updated every Thursday

what would you like to see on the website? send us an email with your suggestions. we'll get busy with them.
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